Hot rhythms delicate dances, exotic beauties and unforgettable melodies will take you on a journey through exciting Cuban nights! So far, the show enthused more than 800.000 visitors in 35 different European countries, counting over 800 appearances.


Experience the unspoiled Cuban joy of life and discover the splendid voices of Cuba.


Combined with the exceptional „Buena Vista Band“, talented background singers and the impressive dance formation „El Grupo de Bailar“ as well as more than 150 tailor-made costumes, „Pasión de Buena Vista“ will present you a unique stage performance that leads you along the streets of the Caribbean island.


If there is one thing to express Cuban mentality at its best, it is music and dance. Today, music styles like Rumba, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha and Salsa, which all originate from 4 basic elements, achieved worldwide prominence. Percussions and claves were originally the only instruments. Nowadays, commercialised versions of Rumba and other fashionable dances like Mambo have developed by adding melodic instruments.

The „Son“, an exchange between singers and choir accompanied by the Spanish and Latin tres guitar, is by far the most popular Cuban music style. It was invented by farmers and sugar workers in Santiago de Cuba during the 1920’s. The rhythm is build by claves and maracas. Alongside with the massive and fast spread of the „Son“ more instruments were added, like the wooden bass, bongos and trumpets.

The „Danzon“ has been rejected by the Cuban upper class for a long time. Today, it is the most popular dance style in Cuba and the origin of the Cha Cha Cha.
Travelling songwriters used the „Trova“ to sing beautiful but sad ballads. During times of revolution, the lyrics changed thematically and were used for propaganda. Later, the musicians returned to their original contents.

Today, tourists perceive a synthesis of African percussions with Spanish coplas and their orchestration as the typical Cuban style of music. „Pasion de Buena Vista“ presents you the whole range of Cuban music and dance and thereby transports the vitality and temper of Cuba to the audience.

„The scent of Cuba“
-Fyns Amts Avis, Denmark-

„The Grieghallen full of Cuban fire“, „With music and dance, Pasión de Buena Vista brings fire in this evening“, „Enthusiastic audience welcomes the Cuban musicians and dancers at the Bergfest“, „Intense and passionately“
-Bergens Tidende, Norway-

„Pasión de Buena Vista inspires the Romanian audience with passion, exiting rhythms consisting of Son, Salsa, Rumba, Mambo and Cha-Cha-Cha” “... an unique atmosphere in the sold-out location“
-Adevarul se Seara, Romania-

„Catchy salsa rhythms, soft rumba sounds, attracting bolero melodies!“, „Pasión de Buena Vista is spreading real Cuban flair at their german premiere!“
-Mannheimer Morgen, Germany-

„A Cuban piece of soul“, „Pasión de Buena Vista presents old tradition with new musical influences of the island“
-El Mundo, Spain-

„Pasion de Buena Vista rocks London with Cuban magic“, „...the very best in Cuban and Latin music“
-London Daily News, England-



The „Buena Vista Band“ is formed by a variety of highly skilled musicians and talents from Cuba. Besides several percussion instruments, like drums, timbales and congas, there are also a lot of wind instruments like trombone and trumpet. Bass, piano and the typical Latin-American tres guitar complete the overall look. The live band is accompanied by talented background singers who also proof their unique voices during the show as soloists.


The dance formation „El Grupo de Bailar“ from Havana, Cuba, consists of several first-class dancers who have proven their talent in traditional dance shows in Havanna. A high degree of discipline and professionalism characterize the group which is only one of the reasons why it was choosen to support the „Pasión de Buena Vista“ show. The dance formation adds Cuban temperament and vitality to the show and inspires the audience.



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